Favorites for all!

July 1, 2009

Today we are happy to announce we have brought back Favorites for everyone.  In the past we had allowed people to favorite images and videos when not logged in.  We removed this featured shortly after launching accounts.  Well, we’ve brought it back.  You can now click “Add to Favorites” on any of the pages with this option and save the image or video to your favorites.  If you are not currently logged into an account, favorites will be saved as a cookie on your computer.  So be careful!  If you delete your cookies, your favorites will go away.

We would like to note that if you have favorites and then register or login, your favorites will be automatically loaded into your account.

In addition to bringing back Favorites, we have also started cleaning up the site a bit.  We are working on adding some more useful features in the near future.  We hope to be coming out with a custom code generator so you people who like to use your images with CSS or want linkable thumbnails will be able to generate these codes.  Please keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for these things!

Mobile TinyPic

June 16, 2009

We’re pleased to announce a version of TinyPic for mobile devices.  We’ve created a mobile friendly version of TinyPic for use on mobile phones and devices with small screens.  To check it out, point your mobile web browser at http://m.tinypic.com/

Currently only registered account holders can use the mobile upload process.  To enable uploads from your mobile device, head over to your account settings.  Once you are there, be sure to enable Uploads via E-Mail.  If you would like to allow uploads via MMS from your mobile phone, be sure to enter your mobile number.

Once you have enabled this feature, you will be able to send e-mails from your account e-mail address or your mobile phone to m@tinypic.com. Make sure you enter your mobile number to send images from your phone. NOTE: If your e-mail or mobile number do not match your account settings, your upload will fail. Personal Blackberry accounts do not work at this time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Click to play the video!

Today we’ve launched Glogster on TinyPic. Glogster allows you to create posters with your images from your TinyPic account.

To access the Glogster editor, login to your account on TinyPic.

Select an image, and click on the Posterize with Glogster link located in your toolbox.
Posterize with Glogster

This will take you to the Glogster Editor:
Glogster Editor

From here, you can resize and position your image in the editor. You can also add text, wallpapers, and more images. To pull in additional images from your account, select Image on the toolbar and click on the TinyPic logo. You can then browse your account and upload new images to use with Glogster.
Your TinyPic Images

Once you are done creating your Glog, click Save. The image will be saved to your account. Note: The saving process may take a few minutes so be patient. Check your account for your new Glog Poster. You can now take your Poster and share it on MySpace, Blog, or website.

I was taking a quick look at what the top search terms were for Tinypic last week.   With the end of the year people were looking for love, their favorite movie,  and some other random musings.  #25 jumped out and suprised me, waffles.   I love you guys! Tomorrow start your day off right and take a look the plethora of waffles on Tinypic.com.

Here’s the rest of the list;

1. love
3. twilight
4. love quotes
5. lil wayne
6. peace
7. hearts
8. 2009
9. heart
10. photography
11. i love you
12. quote
13. happy new year
14. sayings
15. about me
16. edward cullen
17. life quotes
18. music
19. sexy
20. friends
21. life
22. vintage
23. love sayings
24. emo
25. waffles

Go Flock yourself!

December 24, 2008

Seriously. You really should get Flock for yourself. Think of it as a holiday gift!
Flock is a web browser that integrates with TinyPic and other image sharing and social sites. It lets you publish up to 1000 photos to TinyPic at one time! After you download the Flock browser, and install it, you are ready to go.

  1. Open the Flock browser.
  2. Log into your TinyPic account. You can:
    • Enter the web address (http://tinypic.com) and log in.
    • Click the Log in button below the TinyPic logo on the Flock – Getting Started page (if this page displays).
    • Click the key icon near the top left to open the Accounts and Services sidebar, then click TinyPic, and log in.
  3. Click the Open Photo Uploader icon . The Photo Uploader displays:
  4. Drag images from the flock browser to the Photo tab. Or, click Choose Photos at the top left to choose images from your computer.
  5. Select the account to which you want to upload photos using the drop-down list at the bottom right. If you have only logged into your TinyPic account, that is the only account that you can choose.
  6. Click Upload, and choose your upload settings.
  7. Click Upload. Your selections are uploaded to your TinyPic account.
  8. Click Open the Mediabar to show the mediabar and your new uploads. Click back to uploader to upload more images.